​Factotum Content is dedicated to taking your​ thought forms from the immaterial to the material. We will work with you from concept to fruition to provide a stylish and accessible end product that not only entices your customers or fans, but makes them say wow! We provide Wisconsin and beyond with Cinematography, Photography and more.  We do not believe in the cookie-cutter model for creating art or conducting business. We understand that each individual client will have different needs and budget constraints, and take this into consideration when developing your customized media plan. We ​are committed to satisfying your specific requests while simultaneously upholding our own artistic integrity.

Wisconsin Cinematography and Photography

We will take your initial idea and work with you to form a consistent and thought provoking visual campaign that conveys your message in a subtle yet bold fashion.

Factotum Content

P.O. Box 813

Appleton, WI 54912


Story is key to emotionally connecting with your clients. Telling stories is what we do. Let us tell yours.

Wisconsin Cinematography and Photography

We can take the photos needed to tell your story, whether for the web,  advertising or promotional materials.


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